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Zainea Mihalache” Office for Insolvency Practice provides/offers:

  • Specific judiciary liquidation and voluntary liquidation related services under the Law no. 31/1990 regarding the Commercial Companies;

Briefly, the liquidation is a procedure that follows the dissolution of a company and it represents the conversion of the assets in cash and the payment of the suppliers. In it’s final stage, the resulting net assets will be distributed to the associates. In this case, the designation of a special administrator to represent the interests of the company and to participate at the liquidation procedures on behalf of the debtor is mandatory. After the debtor’s administrating duties are canceled, he will be represented by the judiciary administrator/liquidator, who will manage the economic activities of the company until the judge completes the necessary procedures.

  • Specific insolvency related services under the Law no. 85/2006;

According to the previously mentioned act, the insolvency is that particular state of the patrimony of a company in which the cash funds fail to cover the liquid, certain and exigible debts. The designation of a special administrator is required exactly like in the case of the judiciary liquidation.

  • Inventorizing and capitalizing the debtor’s patrimony;

Through this process, the existence of the assets and liabilities of the company is proven and the resulted data is compared to the values recorded in the books, in order to make the capitalizing of the debtor’s patrimony as efficient as possible.

  • Tax and accounting advisory for companies that undergo liquidation and insolvency procedures.

Our experience with taxes, accounting and with other financial activities and the partnership between “Zainea Mihalache” Office for Insolvency Practice and the FRANS group of companies gives us the possibility to respond to all of the problems that may arise while undergoing liquidation and insolvency procedures.